Angelina Scantlebury picked as Costume Designer for Devil’s Five

Angelina Scantlebury is a Fashion Stylist/ Costume Designer based in New York.   A New York native, she decided to take a chance and move to California to attend fashion design school where she graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Art.
Her love to film began while assisting a Costume Designer for a feature film during her Spring break.   She occasionally will utilize her sewing skills by making custom pieces or altering for films, theater, musicians, and videos.
She also styles fashion editorials, ad campaigns/look books, and music videos.
Check out Angelina’s work on her site and social media:

Kevin Cusick to play “Detective Armitage” in Devil’s Five


It comes with deep satisfaction that Terry is announcing he has cast Kevin Cusick to play the key role of “Detective Armitage” in Devil’s Five.  Terry says, “I had some good actors audition for the role but Kevin without a doubt stood out.  He has a way of speaking that comes across as the absolute truth and I loved how it appeared that he was actually thinking about what he was saying.  Not only does he look the age I visualize the character, but the way he carries himself struck me as the right combination of intelligence and experience.  I wanted a high-level actor who could hold his own against Ralf Scheepers in a tight dramatic situation and I’m convinced Kevin is that actor.”

Please read Kevin’s impressive experience that includes not only work as an actor, but producer for NBC Sports and ESPN.


Tru Crimes (suspected killer)                       Discovery ID

I’d Kill for You (detective)                             Discovery ID

Women’s Tennis Association                       Host

Real Life-WTA Tour Magazine show             Host-Syndication

World of Aviation Series                              Host-Discovery Network

Just for Kicks Soccer series                        Reporter-ESPN

ESPN Billiard Series                                     Play by Play ESPN

ESPN Dog Show Series                                Show Host-ESPN

US Open Tennis                                           Reporter -USA Network

Dorothy Hamill Olympic Preview                 Reporter- ESPN

Buffalo Sabres Hockey                                 Intermission Host

Saint Luke’s Theater (off Broadway show)

702 Punch lines & Pregnant                       Role of Wooley

* 7 time Emmy award winning Producer for NBC Sports


Buffalo Sate College Majoring in Journalism Broadcasting & Speech