Terry takes over as Director on Political Thriller film Enhanced Interrogation

Terry R. Wickham on the set of The Devil’s Five

On Friday afternoon the news broke that Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham has agreed to direct Enhanced Interrogation.

After reading the supercharged screenplay and having a productive 2-hour conference call with Screenwriter/Producer Daryl Brooks and Screenwriter/Producer Stephen Martino, the feeling was mutual about working together.

Wickham talks about the next film he will be directing, “I have to be honest.  After seeing the title of the project, I had a preconceived notion of that the story was going to be focused on the violence and maybe even torture of advanced interrogation methods.  But that was not the case.

Writers Daryl Brooks and Stephen Martino  have constructed a controversial story that is incredibly topical in our modern day society and asks the potent question of “What if” our country was put in a pressure-cooker situation of the moral dilemma this story raises.

How far would one go to save innocent lives if they knew a catastrophic event was in the works?  What would high-ranking governmental officials choose to do to protect their people?

The script is a lot more thoughtful and subverted than I assumed and I love the opportunity to put these characters into the frying pan of sorts, to create as much drama and suspense as possible.

Like the incredibly successful shows The Walking Dead and Homeland, this story is all about the people.  Plus this project will give me the chance to explore another genre and I undoubtedly look forward to making the movie even more cinematically powerful with my skills as a filmmaker.

The best analogy I’d give for Enhanced Interrogation would be a cross between Homeland and 12 Angry Men.

Stash Gallery

To commemorate the upcoming release of Devil’s Five feature film, here is a Gallery from Stash, which was the first of five segments to go before the camera back in the summer of 2014.

Part of Stash was shot deep in the woods of Califon, New Jersey. In the far distance Stash Writer Tim Clark is venturing into the real world his character “Faith Daniels” would be traveling through later at dusk. Photo Connor Hassler
G. Paul Salvetti (left) and his family allowed the production to shoot Stash on their considerable acreage of wooded land. G. Paul Salvetti, Director Terry R. Wickham (center), Production Designer Michelle Rickert hidden behind Writer Timothy David Clark (in black shirt and hat on right) hold a conference before shooting begins on Saturday 7/12/14.
Stash had an incredibly hard-working crew. Here left to right: Best Boy Kyle Weaver (blue), Gaffer/AD/Associate Producer Michael Fels (white) helps Best Boy/Key Grip Ian Clarkson (red) carry the equipment needed to light up the woods at night.
Steadicam Operator Devon Catucci prepares for a whole night of shooting. Director Terry R. Wickham was told by the first DP he hired for Stash that he would never get Steadicam for Stash because the budget couldn’t afford it. Wickham proved that DP wrong after he fired him. The truth is Devon Catucci accepted the gig less than 24 hours before the shoot, when Wickham had to scramble after the original Steadicam Operator took another gig the day before shooting begun. 7/12/14 Califon, NJ.
Wickham selected young filmmaker Zachary Atlas to document the making of Stash. Look for the behind-the-scenes chronicle to be part of the Devil’s Five release.
Director of Photography Edwin M. Figueroa was a huge part of Stash. Not only was he responsible for the look of Stash, but a year later The Devil’s Five segment, which he also shot for Wickham. Figueroa is one of the three partners that make up the feature film Devil’s Five and directed his own episode called “Choke.”
Production Designer Michelle Rickert (middle right) prepares “Faith’s” (Almog Pail) Stash bag for the movie. Behind them in the woods of Califon, NJ left to right: Associate Producer G. Paul Salvetti, Costume Designer Lindsey Vandevier, Make-Up Artist Sarah R. Cruz and 2nd AC Tiffany Provido.
DP Edwin M. Figueroa sets up a stand for Devon Catucci to rest his Steadicam rig between shots.
Director Terry R. Wickham goes over the first Stash scene with his leading lady Almog Pail on 7/12/14.  DP Edwin Figueroa and 2nd AC Tiffany Provido stand in the distance.  Editor Robert Figueira stands in pink shirt in foreground. 
Near left Production Designer Michelle Rickert (blue top) talks to Costume Designer Lindsey Vandevier (middle in grey), while Make-Up Artist Sarah Cruz listens. In the distance far left Director Terry Wickham talks to his star Almog Pail. Editor Robert FIgueira (middle in pink) observes as well as Gaffer/AD Michael Fels (white) on far right.
Director Terry R. Wickham directs one of the shots that are part of the first item “Faith” (Almog Pail) must find. DP Edwin Figueroa and Steadicam Operator Devon Catucci prepare accordingly in Califon, NJ.
Steadicam Operator Devon Catucci and DP Edwin Figueroa get down and dirty to capture the look of Stash.
Director Terry R. Wickham can almost always be seen with the script for the movie he’s making in hand within his blue protective binder. Here Almog Pail listens to the direction of the next shot as the sun goes down and things are about to get very dark in the woods.
Never one who afraid to get dirty, Production Designer Michelle Rickert wades into the swamp to set up a critter effect she ingeniously created and will hand operate for the shot.
Director or Photography Edwin M. Figueroa really put to use his considerable skills and experience to create the gorgeous look of Stash. Taking full advantage of what the woods offered the production.
As night falls, Steadicam Operator Devon Catucci stands ready for the next shot in Stash.
Filmmaker Terry Wickham helps direct the placement of the critter Production Designer Michelle Rickert will operate during Stash.
The production had to truck-in/hand carry in a considerable amount of movie making equipment (lights, c-stands, mumbo-combos, etc) to light of the environment for the first night of shooting on Stash.

Evergrey US Tour Begins Soon

I’m getting super excited about seeing my favorite band Evergrey in less than 2 months (June 1st in NYC). The powerhouse band plays a couple dates in Sweden and Norway before their US Tour begins May 6th in Florida. Don’ miss out on your opportunity to see what an amazing talented band they are http://www.evergrey.net/tour-dates/.  Look for my review of their NYC Show soon after June 1st.

Check out this video to get a taste of their heavy metal melodic thunderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmIv8jfVEwQ