Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham says, “When the opportunity opened up for me to write/direct a third film for the feature film Devil’s Five, I felt strongly that I needed to make something brief that would grab the audience.  I came up with the idea for this short piece when I visited an old abandoned psychiatric hospital with The Devil’s Five Special Visual FX Artist Jason Paluck.  Going to the locale inspired my mind with a cool idea for a film.  Jason immediately got it and agreed to be the DP and Editor.  We both felt that it should be shot in 1-day and not make it a big production.”

As Wickham was putting the script together, he got a strong feeling to call his friend David Helpling to see if he might be interested in scoring the film.  Terry elaborates, “David is so damn talented and I love the way he works.  He doesn’t go for obvious choices as a composer and I admire his musical creativity.  I felt this story is as much about the location as it is the human characters, which would afford David the chance to run wild in a subtle way to match the movie’s approach.  It’s a weird dichotomy, where it’s a small found footage horror movie but I want it to look & sound amazingly stylish and slick.  David’s signature ability to generate a huge canvas of sound in an ambient way, would crystalize my vision for the film.

The fact is 12 years ago David and I made a wonderful movie  together called Hair of the Dog.  I credit much of the success of that film to David’s music.  He is without question one of my favorite musicians in the world.  I felt strongly there was no reason why we shouldn’t join forces again on a project that contained something we both love, cinematic suspense.”


Look for more updates about “Abandoned” as the production comes together.  Paluck and Wickham are planning to shoot the film in the spring.  They have already put out casting notices for the all-important female lead.




Sony Pictures Home Entertainment – 2015

Directed by Miguel Angel Vivas

Written by Alberto Marini, Michael Angel Vivas



Matthew Fox
Jeffrey Donovon
Quinn McColgan

For nine years, Patrick (Matthew Fox), Jack (Jeffrey Donovan) and his daughter Lu (Quinn McColgan) have outlasted the zombie apocalypse by shutting themselves off in the snowbound town of Harmony.  The monsters don’t seem to be around anymore but after years of seclusion the fear of the unknown takes a hold of them to breakdown the makeshift family.  When Patrick goes searching for food he finds that the undead have returned and have evolved into something more terrifying than before.  Can they survive a second zombie apocalypse?


This movie is more character based than action focused.  I wasn’t crazy about the opening scene because I didn’t really buy the set up but the movie does get better.  You need to be a bit patient but if you stay with it there is a nice little story between a father & daughter and their neighbor, who lives next door to them seems like he’s almost a total stranger.  But there’s a deep connection between the characters that you will learn about and discover the reason for them separating.


I thought the climax was very suspenseful and done with both restraint and some exciting action.  Acting is skillfully done by Matthew Fox and Jeffrey Donovan brining their respective talents.  Special Make-up Effects looked good in combo with some crafty digital augmentation.

Extinction is pretty ambitious with snowy apocalyptic landscapes accomplished via CGI and the monsters are pretty rad when they are in the film.  Sound design and the visual are of the high level you always get from a Sony Pictures Home Entertainment release.

The DVD comes with 8 Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes.

Extinction hasn’t really received much fanfare, but rest assured that it will keep you entertained for an hour and a half.

“Stash” Lead Almog Pail stars in ME, MYSELF AND RITA


It was great to catch up with my lead actress of STASH Almog Pail​ last night. She’s doing great things by starring in ME, MYSELF AND RITA. After a Nov 3rd completely sold out show, she’s added a second show, this Friday, Nov 13th, 7:30pm at Theatre Row. Please go to the website to the details, including tickets, so you can support the talented, beautiful actress: