Ingyang Katja Müslin wins role of “Bikini Waitress” in “Choke”


“Choke” Producer Terry Wickham has cast Ingyang Katja Müslin in the role of the last needed “Bikini Waitress.”

Wickham discusses his reasons for choosing Ingyang, “She has a great attitude and her beautiful European genes bring a totally different look than the rest of the cast. I believe when you are putting together a movie or even a scene, visual contrast is crucial. Not only is it representational of the world we live in, but more engrossing for the viewer watching the movie.


When you breakdown the actresses lined up to play the Bikini Models in Edwin M. Figueroa’s “Choke, you see that I’ve put together an international cast. We’ve got one actress from Taiwan, one who is Native American and now Ingyang’s heritage comes Europe.  With her heavy accent and strong physicality she somehow reminds of a female Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I hope that doesn’t come across wrong.  There’s no doubt that she’s a a feminine woman. Maybe it comes from an inner strength she projects in her pictures that goes along with her blonde good looks and world experience.”

Ingyang Katja Müslin is a multilingual/multinational young actress trained in the Meisner technique. She has acted in a few student films, music videos and theater productions. In addition to acting, she performs in college dance productions twice a year. Ingyang K. Müslin was born in New York, grew up in Sardinia (Italy) and attended Ecole d’Humanitè, which is an international high school located in the Swiss Alps. While at the Ecole, Ingyang gained a strong and progressive academic foundation and participated in activities, which nurtured her creativity and leadership skills. She is now enrolled at The New School in New York City where she is studying psychology, dance and acting. Her exposure to various cultures, languages and environments have given her the ability to speak fluent Italian, German, Swiss-German and English. She has also gained experience in rock climbing, dancing, horseback riding, swimming, snowboarding, mountaineering and handcrafts. Ingyang’s enthusiasm, passion and discipline make working with her pleasant and inspiring.

Roopali M Fenton to be a “Bikini Waitress” in “Choke”


Photo Rick Warne


Roopali M Fenton has been cast to play one of the three “Bikini Waitresses  in the Devil’s Five segment “Choke.”

Producer Terry Wickham talks about why he choose the model/actress for this project, “Roopali is not only stunning and definitely fits what Edwin wanted me to cast, but she’s a fireplug of passion who wants to make a mark in the industry.  We discussed not only “Choke” but the feature film as a whole and she loves these types of movies.

I’ll admit there wasn’t a whole lot of ladies who were comfortable enough in their skin to get in front of a bunch of people (cast & crew) , ultimately the whole viewing world, in a bikini and high heels.  It not only takes a special person having an incredible body but the confidence that goes with it.


Rita Kapoor Wojik RKW photography


That’s not a problem with Roopali.  She is more than qualified and up to the challenge.  I also felt with her Native American genes, her dark skin and hair would bring excellent contrast amongst the other actors/actresses at the Red Carpet Event/Film Festival scene to be shot on November 5th in Manhattan.”

Hi, my name is Roopali M Fenton and for the past 12 years I’ve worked as a print, commercial, glamour, petite, catalog and freelance model.  I have a huge passion for acting and have always loved being in front of the camera. I mainly shoot lingerie, swim and formal wear, but I also enjoy versatile shoots; themed, fashion, and modeling for causes and charities. I’ve modeled for independent photographers such as Rick Warne, Bill Dorsey, Julie Foser, Rita Kapoor Wojik, as well as LA Fashion Designer Ali Blankley just to name a few.  I was interviewed, and my photos were published in U’niq Magazine for their October issue on my outlook on inner beauty. I was also a part of the WNY Breast Cancer Charity calendar shoot, and walked in Color the Runway modeling a gown from TTNY for a fashion show that was for Roswell Park Cancer Institute. I’m available for photo shoots in New York, but available to travel to other destinations in the U.S.

            I have long hair with tanned skin, which makes me a great model for swimwear, lingerie and formalwear to name a few photo styles.

            For more information and photos of my work, please contact me at

Links @hellobeautiful143xomodel roopalifenton/

Rrita Toka to play “Producer’s Date” in “Choke”


Federica Dall’Orso Photography


Upcoming Devil’s Five segment “Choke” Producer Terry Wickham has cast European Actress Rrita Toka to play one of the “Director’s Dates” in the movie.

Wickham explains, “I really felt it was only right to allow the real filmmakers playing the roles to have a say on who was cast as their date, so I gave Producer/Actor Rocco Gioia the top five candidates I had narrowed it down from the auditions I conducted.  He ended up choosing Rrita.  What’s really interesting is that she was actually cast by a different director the week before.  But then when I didn’t hear from her for a week, I decided to move on and re-cast that role.  Then she reached out letting me know she was out of town so I put her back in consideration for Rocco’s potential date.


Photo Daniel Murtagh


She’s really lucky because this was the one of the last two roles left to cast in the movie.  That fact she was chosen twice by two different directors says a lot about her.”

Rrita Toka is an actress, soprano, and model based in New York. Originally from Kosovo, she came to New York at age fifteen to pursue her performing career. Her passion for cultural diversity inspires her to promote art within an international community of storytellers. In addition to English, she speaks Albanian, Turkish, and Spanish.

Recent projects include modeling for Federica Dall’Orso Photography, Daniel Murtagh and Make Up Forever, starring in the independent films “Mirage” (2015) and “Inspired by Punk Rock,” performing supporting roles for Travel Channel and Huffington Post.

More of her work can be found at: